Transport, Traffic & Infrastructure

The legal field of traffic law essentially comprises civil traffic law and traffic criminal law and the law of administrative offenses. In addition, there are issues relating to driving licenses and the registration of motor vehicles. There are also overlaps with other areas of law in the purchase, sale, rental or leasing of vehicles as well as insurance and liability law issues.

Transport and Forwarding Law

Questions of transport and insurance law are also of considerable importance in the field of transport and forwarding law.

Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance, Partial or Fully Comprehensive insurance

The overlaps in insurance law mainly concern questions of liability towards other road users after an accident (motor vehicle liability insurance), but also claims against one’s own partial or fully comprehensive insurance.

Private and Commercial Clients

We advise and represent our private and commercial clients on all of these issues nationwide, whether it is, for example, the enforcement or defense of claims for damages and/or compensation for pain and suffering after traffic accidents, the defense in criminal or misdemeanor proceedings, e.g. in cases of speeding, the drafting or review of motor vehicle purchase or leasing contracts, or the enforcement of insurance law claims against one’s own partial or comprehensive insurance.