Criminal Law

A misdemeanor is a minor violation of legal regulations. Under German law, an administrative offense is thus an unlawful and reproachable violation of the law for which the legislature provides a fine as punishment pursuant to Section 1 (1) OWiG. In the case of specific violations under the Road Traffic Act, a driving ban can also be imposed in addition to the fine.

Criminal law, on the other hand, deals with more serious violations of the law against the legal interests of another person. Criminal law is thus the area of law that places certain human – unlawful and culpable – acts under state sanctions – up to and including imprisonment. The central functions of criminal law lie primarily in repressive and preventive approaches to the effect of a criminal norm.

We offer

  • If you are suspected of having committed a misdemeanor or a felony, it is important that rules, deadlines and regulatory requirements are followed accurately and responsibly. To do this, you need experienced legal counsel.
  • Based on many years of experience, we offer extensive legal knowledge and negotiating skills so that we can achieve the best possible result in constant consultation with you. This includes, on the one hand, the careful determination of the factual situation at the earliest possible time and, on the other hand, the joint definition of a defense strategy.
  • By contacting the responsible investigative authorities, we can pave the way for an appropriate negotiation climate at an early stage of the proceedings.

In certain situations, legal advice may also be required without the need for defense or representation, for example, when it comes to taking action against a penalty order or against a fine notice. The same applies to persons who have to testify as witnesses, but who might thereby put themselves or their relatives in danger of criminal prosecution. Here, too, prior legal advice can be of enormous advantage.