Inheritance & Family Law

Family agreements and contracts

rnsp-logoFamily law involves numerous special features and issues. In particular, we advise on the following areas: Drafting prenuptial agreements and agreements on the consequences of divorce, custody and access rights, alimony law, pension equalization, equalization of gains and special features of non-marital cohabitation. Of course, we also represent our clients before the family courts as well as before public authorities. We will also act for you in summary proceedings, for example in the case of an application for a temporary injunction.

Reasonable solutions

Our primary goal in family law matters is to achieve economically reasonable and sustainable solutions that allow the parties involved to treat each other with respect even after a separation.

This way of dealing with each other plays an even more important role when minor children are affected by the separation. In addition, we offer the drafting of prenuptial agreements, through which many disputes can be avoided in the event of a subsequent separation.

Paternal maintenance

Questions concerning parental maintenance, living wills and the care of close relatives are also becoming increasingly important. Here, too, we offer legal advice that comprehensively considers economic and personal interests and takes individual particularities into account.