Construction & Real Estate

The areas Construction Law, Real Estate Law and Landlord and Tenant Law belong to our consulting focuses. The private construction law is a legal area that is permanently subject to changes. This is due not least the fact that in the field of private building law numerous regulations – from the German civil code to fees and pension schemes up to technical norms – are found that need to be considered. Further features this legal matter by an integration of legal and technical problems. We offer advice during construction, which takes into account these circumstances and which is adapted to the specificities of the respective project. Even in the event of a dispute, we represent your interests and are focused on the efficient enforcement of your rights.  We advise architects on contract negotiations, fee issues, and regarding their copyright. In addition to the acquisition and establishment, it is important to guarantee the economic use from real estate. In this area, we offer advice and assistance in the acquisition, sale, rental and with regard to various uses, for companies and individuals alike. Here we have both an advisory, as in drawing up contracts, as well as court work for you. We always pay within the meaning of clients in commercial advisable action to achieve sustainable returns of real estate.