IT & Media


In these areas, it has dealt and continues to deal with issues such as IT compliance, the content of IT contracts (including service level agreements, software development, software licensing, software customisation, software maintenance, SaaS, cloud computing, housing) and all legal issues relating to electronic legal and business transactions (signatures, encryption, certificates, seals, De-Mail, EGVP, etc.).


This also includes advisory services – and, if necessary, accompanying legal disputes – on questions of legally compliant archiving and substitute scanning; as well as topics such as archiving that preserves the value of evidence, substitution of the written form, thus all legal questions that deal – briefly summarised here – with problems of the transition of business processes from the “conventional paper world” to the “electronic world” and their design. Equally relevant is the examination and design of agreements on rights of use and licences.

IT Law in the Work Environment

Points of contact between IT law and labour law are of particular importance; here, it is primarily a matter of drafting, structuring and reviewing works agreements or individual employment contract clauses on issues such as private use of the internet and company email accounts, “bring your own device”, electronic permissible recording options for work performance and the like.