Administrative Law

Areas of Law

Administrative law comprises regulations on the legal relations of the state to its citizens, but also on the functioning of the institutions of the administration and their relationship to each other. The term “administrative law” bundles diverse areas of law. Among them are:

  • Public Building Law
  • Civil Service Law
  • Catering Law
  • Local Tax Law
  • Environmental Law

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a citizen – we support you efficiently with our representation vis-à-vis the public administration.

Construction Law

Administrative law also includes one of our core areas – construction law. In this field, we support you with a selected team of experts. Within the scope of the sometimes complex matter of public building law, we lead approval procedures to a successful conclusion in dialog with the public authorities. This applies equally to new construction projects and to changes of use in existing buildings. We also include the various areas of monument protection law, immission control law and landscape protection in our consulting activities. We are also happy to intervene in such cases in the run-up to legal disputes and strive for an amicable solution.

If you are seeking assistance in any other area of administrative law not listed above, please do not hesitate to contact us to see if we can assist you with your particular case.