Medicine Law & Health Care

Interdisciplinary Medical Law

The health care system has undergone considerable change in recent years. From an addressee-oriented doctor-patient relationship, this social core area has developed into a spanning, economically dominated market. This development is also reflected in the legal scope of this sector. The legal issues are no longer limited to the pure treatment relationship and medical criminal law, but also encroach on surrounding and sometimes distant areas of law.

Due to our comprehensive activities in all areas of business law and many years of advising and representing clients, both hospitals and physicians and patients, we face the changes in the health care sector with professional competence and motivation for interdisciplinary challenges.

Advice and Representation of Physicians and Hospitals

rnsp-logoWe offer hospitals and physicians comprehensive, external claims management and the entire supervision of the proceedings, if necessary through all instances, from the first assertion by allegedly injured patients. Beyond the issues of medical liability law, we advise physicians on matters of licensure and the development of economic practice concepts. We take on the contractual design and mediation of mergers in the outpatient sector and secure the numerous legal issues of fee-based physicians. Due to our firm’s pronounced focus on employment law, we offer comprehensive concepts for personnel issues that are particularly relevant in the health care sector, for all types of sponsors and at all hierarchical levels.

Advice and Representation in Medical Criminal Law

In terms of criminal law, the scope of medical criminal law has expanded as a result of the liberalization or capitalization of the health care system. In the course of this change, not only the defectiveness of treatments plays a role in this subfield of criminal law, but also the various property crimes.

Through our economic know-how and a large number of successful criminal law cases, we counter this change and advise and represent our clients out of court and in court in criminal law matters.