Tenancy Law

Since the beginning of its existence, the law firm has been able to focus one of its main areas of activity on the field of commercial real estate law. With the help of qualified specialists, some of whom are also documented as having the relevant specializations, the firm has dealt and continues to deal primarily with issues such as the drafting of commercial leases and the review of their content with regard to the term, protection against competition, rent value protection, maintenance obligations, cosmetic repairs, operating obligations, building cost subsidies and the like.

Commercial Leases

The examination of the term of long-term commercial leases continues to be relevant. Through its specialists, the law firm also provides support and assistance in the extrajudicial and judicial assertion of rights in the event of disruptions in commercial leases, such as claims for reduction and/or damages as well as terminations. Furthermore, eviction and claim proceedings have been and are being prepared and conducted.

Residential Property Law

In addition, one of the firm’s main areas of activity is in the field of residential property law, in particular in advising and representing clients in the preparation and implementation of owners’ meetings or advising and representing WEG administrators and owners, especially in connection with actions to contest resolutions.