Employment & Labour Law

The employment & labour law area is a focal point of our consulting activity. Since each case is different, we consider reliably not only the labour and social security particularities of each case, but also provide industry knowledge, negotiating skills and taking into account the relevant economic and personal interests.

With the qualifications of our specialized lawyers and through further education we stay up to date to all changes in the fast-paced area of the employment & labour law. By having an eye on these changes our team is on hand to help finding timely, commercial and pragmatic advice and solutions. Through our international network of contacts (Benius, Globaladvocaten) we are also able to offer a global service.

We advise small- and medium-sized enterprises in the smooth process of their operational personnel work. This includes the justification of employment contracts, the contract design and optimization of employment contracts as well as the elimination of disturbances during

the employment relationship or the change of working conditions, more flexible, for example through the introduction of payment and working time models. Even with the termination of employment contracts, the negotiations of resolution agreements and litigation in dismissal protection proceedings, we are a reliable partner.

We also support small- and medium-sized enterprises in a strategic reorientation. With restructurings we offer comprehensive advice. The legal requirements are considered as well as the specifics of the business environment and the economic interests of the parties. In addition, we offer the use of our consultants on time in your company for a cooperation with you and your human resources department to bridge staff shortages and to provide an efficient, friendly and personalized service to meet your individual needs and a flexible in-house flow design.

In collective employment & labour law we advise on the many matters, which result from the cooperation of the employer with the employee representatives. We recommend concrete and effective strategies for dealing with the work council, staff council and employee representation and provide representation at the negotiations development of operating and service agreements, balance of interests and social plans.

The advice of directors, officers presented and workers, for example, for the design and negotiation of employment and service contracts, to compliance and liability prevention or separation strategies and the negotiation of annulment agreements, count to our core business.

We advise small- and medium-sized enterprises on all contentious and non-contentious matters with our vast experience in all main areas of employment law, including:

  • Accompaniment of operating personnel work
  • Antidiscrimination
  • Balance of interests/ social compensation plan
  • Compliance
  • Dismissal protection law
  • Due Diligence
  • Ecclesiastical employment & labour regulations
  • Employment contract law
  • European and international employment & labour law
  • Law governing collective bargaining/ collective
    wage negotiations
  • Law of executive employees
  • Managers and boards of management
  • Outsourcing
  • Remuneration systems
  • Restructuring
  • Secondment of personnel
  • Staff associations law
  • Temping Employee benefits and pension schemes
  • Works council constitution law

Above all, we are committed to work to the highest ethical standards and to provide a clear and competitive cost structure.