Bankruptcy & Insolvency

One of our firm’s main areas of expertise is insolvency law, which also includes issues relating to restructuring and reorganization.

Especially in times of crisis of a company, manifold and complex issues have to be clarified. In addition to legal expertise in insolvency law and in-depth knowledge of labor and corporate law, successful restructuring and reorganization consulting always requires sound commercial experience and business management know-how. We are able to meet this high standard through the interdisciplinary cooperation of our specialized lawyers and our many years of experience in interim management. Thus, even in difficult situations, we create feasible solution concepts that stand up to the legal questions as well as to the economic challenges.

Full Support

rnsp-logoWe support company management in all negotiations with their creditors, banks, suppliers, landlords and employees. We examine liability risks with the aim of minimizing them and check the legality of any claims by creditors.

Chance for a new start

If insolvency is unavoidable, we prepare the insolvency applications and draw up the insolvency plans. In doing so, we are always guided by the premise that insolvency does not have to lead to the cessation of business operations, but always represents an opportunity for a fresh start or a new direction. We offer individual advice and support that takes into account the specifics of the respective company and industry as well as the legal and economic possibilities.

Advice to Creditors

Our advice is also aimed at creditors whose contractual partners are in crisis or affected by insolvency. Especially suppliers and lessors of companies in crisis-prone sectors should secure their rights as early as possible. In addition to providing advice, we draw up all necessary contracts and review the general terms and conditions of business used. We advise creditors in full regarding their rights and possibilities of influence, assert security rights and monitor the realization of the security property. We also exercise these rights in creditor meetings, creditor committees and supplier pools.


Insolvency always opens up opportunities. We advise you on the acquisition of parts of the company or the operating and business equipment from the insolvency estate.