Roos Nelskamp Schumacher & Partner, Bonn, Berlin, Leipzig

RNSP Roos Nelskamp Schumacher & Partners lawyers specialised lawyers is a regional law firm with 22 professional practitioners and offices in Bonn, Berlin and Leipzig.

RNSP Roos Nelskamp Schumacher & Partners lawyers specialised lawyers see themselves as a modern service company and offer legal advice and representation for clients in Germany and abroad in all areas of commercial law with special emphasis on labour & social welfare, medicine & health, the protection of industrial property rights & trademark rights, real estate & projects, building & planning and liability & insurance.

The clients of RNSP Roos Nelskamp Schumacher & Partners lawyers specialised lawyers in Germany and abroad include large and medium-sized enterprises, corporations and public bodies, insurance companies, hospitals and other institutions in the healthcare sector, associations, clubs and private individuals.

Our high degree of specialisation is attested by the specialist qualifications of our lawyers. The Bar Association only confers the designation „specialised lawyer“ on lawyers with specialised theoretical knowledge (specialised legal training) and at least 3 years of specific practical experience as a lawyer in the relevant fields of law. A lawyer has this specialised knowledge and experience in representing clients both in and out of court if this expertise in the particular field of law is significantly more substantial than that usually acquired through professional training and practical experience. Most of the partners who are not yet accredited specialised lawyers have already acquired the specialised theoretical knowledge through specialised legal training.

Regular publications, talks and teaching assignments enable us to keep our specialised knowledge constantly up to date.

Where necessary RNSP Roos Nelskamp Schumacher & Partners lawyers specialised lawyers collaborate with tax advisors, auditors, patent lawyers and medical practitioners.

We represent our clients nationwide before all courts with the exception of civil proceedings before the Federal Court of Justice. In addition, we represent our clients before courts of arbitration.

It is our philosophy to give each client direct access to one of the law firm’s partners as their personal contact. Clients abroad are able to obtain advice at any time in English, French or Italian.

With our comprehensive advice and support and representation in court our clients in Germany and abroad benefit from our well established network of contacts. We are founders and members of Benius, a collaboration between medium-sized commercial law firms established in Bonn, Hamburg, Leipzig and Munich. Benius is a member of Globaladvocaten (Global Law Group), a European collaboration between medium-sized commercial law firms involving more than 300 lawyers.

Administrative Law
Administrative Offence Law
Arbitral Proceedings
Architectural Law
Aviation Law
Banking Law
Benefits and Retirement Provisions
Broker Law
Business- and Corporate Law
Capital Market Law
Church Pension Fund Law
Civil Servants Law
Collective Agreement Law of the Civil Servants
Commercial Agents Law
Company Pension Schemes
Competition Law
Constitutional Law
Construction Law
Copyright Law
Criminal Law
Data Protection Law
Design Patent

Design Protection
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Domain Protection
Due Diligence
Enforcement Law
Estate Agents Law
European Labor and Employment Law
European Law
European Social Security Law
Fiscal Penal Law
Franchise Law
Hospital Financing Law
Hospital Law
Hospital Planning Law
Hunting Regulations
Immission Control Law
Industrial Constitution Law
Industrial Property Law
Inheritance Law
Insolvency Law
International Labor and Employment Law
International Legal Services
International Social Security Law

Labor and Employment Law
Law of Associations
Law of Churches
Leasing Law
Limited Liability Companies Law
Marriage and Family Law
Media Law
Medical Center
Medical Criminal Law
Medical Law
Mergers and Acquisition
Municipal Law
Nursing Care Insurance Law
Patent Law
Pension Insurance Law
Pharmaceutical Law
Physicians Liability Law
Planning an Execution of Construction
Press Law
Private and Public Health Insurance Law
Procurement Law
Product Liability Law

Professional Law of Physicians and Pharmacists
Project Management
Project Support
Protection of Intellectual Property
Public Improvement Contributions
Public Occupational Accident Insurance
Reals Estate Law
Reconciliation of Interests and Social Compensation Plan
Remuneration of Physicians
Residential Property Law
Restructuring and Turnaround-Management
Science Law
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Social Security Law
State Aids for Civil Servants
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Tenancy Law
Third-Party Contracts
Trademark Protection
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Transportation and Forwarding Law
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